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The Magic of Paris

Exceptional Interiors
Barbara & René Stoeltie - Woordvooraf Jacques Garcia

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€ 39.95
32.5 x 24.5
Hardcover met stofomslag

Paris…who is not familiar with its celebrated monuments and elegant boulevards? From the tourist-filled Place du Tertre to the faded glory of Montparnasse and the village atmosphere of Belleville… The Paris of Mistinguette, Chevalier and Piaf, the familiar sound of an accordion, a glass of wine sipped silently on a balcony.

Only those who have chosen Paris as their home can see behind these timeworn clichés. In this, Barbara and René Stoeltie are past masters. At first, they experienced the heady excitement of discovery, with long strolls through the city exploring its every corner. Later, their expert gaze penetrated the city’s facades, where they discovered every sort of interior imaginable fascinating, intriguing, surprising, astonishing, whimsical. They have spied out spaces designed by an eclectic set of individuals, including artists, decorators, architects, businessmen, collectors, public figures and one true eccentric. It truly takes all kinds to make a world: rich and poor, inventive and conservative, classical and avant-garde, restrained and daring, and at René and Barbara’s open sesame, the city has revealed its every secret. This volume is testimony to their ability to find their way into some of Paris’s most fascinating interiors, armed with camera and pen. It is dedicated to an undeniably enchanting city. A book about the magic of Paris&

Barbara and René Stoeltie began their careers as artists and gallery owners. Since 1984, they have published Barbara as author and René as photographer countless articles and books on art and design. Their texts and photographs have appeared in books by Taschen, Thames and Hudson, La Martinière, Frances Lincoln and Harry N. Abrams, and in prestigious magazines such as Vogue, The World of Interiors, AD, Elle, House and Garden, Country Living and House Beautiful.

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