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Hors de soi

Danser brut
Christophe Boulanger, Savine Faupin, Bart Marius, Kurt De Boodt, Rae Beth Gordon & Peter Holvoet-Hanssen

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€ 29.95
24 x 17 cm

Body and mind. Control and spontaneity. Inside and outside the line. Hors de Soi, Danser Brut offers an atypical vision of dance, body and movement: from the round to the dance epidemic, from trance to hysteria, from the asylum to the stage.

Through an intriguing mix of Art Brut, modern and contemporary art, medical archive documents and film clips, Hors de Soi, Danser Brut analyses different forms of expression of the body, the face and the hands, as they translate our being-in-the-world. In accessible and captivating essays, this richly illustrated catalogue, which reproduces works by Ulrich Bleiker, Michaël Borremans, Louise Bourgeois, Valeska Gert, Franz Hartl, Vaslav Nijinski, Mary Wigman and Adolf Wölfli among others, explores the capricious boundaries of dance and reveals that even a simple hand gesture can have a defining significance.

This publication is not available in English.