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Alexandria: Past Futures

Arnaud Quertinmont & Nicolas Amoroso. With contributions by Michel Chauveau, Hélène Fragaki, François Queyrel, Isabelle Hairy, Emad Khalil, Stefano Caneva, Mona Haggag, Miguel John Versluys, Laurent Bricault, Richard Veymiers, Marie-Cécile Bruwier, Christian Cannuyer, Marie-Dominique Nenna, Céline Boutantin, Ahmed Abd El-Fattah, Mervat Seif el-Din, Edwin Nasr, Sarah Rifky, Sarah Dwider & Clare Davies

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27 x 21 cm
In co-edition with
Actes Sud

“Alexandria: Past Futures” revisits the former Egyptian megapolis, founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great, at the height of its history, highlighting its urban, political and religious organisation and some of the numerous scientific innovations and philosophical expressions that shaped it into one of the ancient world’s civilisational centres.

The publication aims to go beyond the usual stereotypes (Greeks, Egyptians, the Lighthouse, the Library) and to take the visitor on a journey of discovery of an ancient city that is full of nuances. Several recent discoveries have enabled us to refine our knowledge of the city.

By examining multi-layered temporalities, it also echoes dominant accounts of Alexandria as one through which successive civilisations and political formations of the past (Byzantine, Arab, Modern) have rehearsed visions of futures that are either no longer present or remain felt through the city’s material culture and its built environment. A series of contemporary artworks develops a critical and poetic association with all the themes covered throughout the book.